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With September 1st right around the corner, Major League Baseball teams will have the opportunity to add players from their respective 40 man rosters. It’s an exciting time of year for baseball enthusiasts especially with your favorite team in the playoff hunt.

The Seattle Mariners jerseys already brought up hard throwing reliever Dan Altivalla who touched 100 mph with his fastball in his MLB debut on Saturday. They also brought up the quirky, ambidextrous pitcher with other corresponding roster moves.

If you’re thinking, who is , you probably aren’t alone. The 6 foot, 250 pound 1B/DH was acquired from the Chicago Cubs jerseys mid way through the season when the Cubs jerseys needed some bullpen help. Blocked by All star and cornerstone first baseman , Vogelbach needed a change of scenary preferably to an American League team.

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest.

Best suited as a designated hitter, however, he still will have some challenges to break into the everyday lineup for the Mariners jerseys, who have an aging locked into that role for another few years.

At AAA Iowa this year, the 23 year old hit .318 with an OBP of .425 pretty impressive for an 89 game stretch. When he first came over to Tacoma, Vogelbach struggled out of the gate, slashing .195/.381/.310 in his first 87 at bats.

The big fella has turned it around as of late, raking at .342 with 11 RBI in his last 10 games. For the season at Tacoma he is hittng .248 with a .406 on base and a .419 slugging percentage.

At still only 23 years old, he can make an impact at the big league level at some point in his still young career. I hope he gets the call in September despite a challenge to get him every day at bats. isn’t having one of his better years (to be polite) at first base hitting just .231 with 18 home runs and 51 RBI and will likely be platooning with Dae Ho Lee who just got recalled from Tacoma. Lee seems to either go 0 4 with 2 Ks or hits 2 HRs.

It’s safe to say Cruz doesn’t want to play the outfield much either and rightfully cheap mlb jerseys china so. He is in a good position to play pretty much wherever he wants as one of the veterans and arguably the team’s best run producer this season.

When I first ‘discovered’ Vogelbach one player came to mind. Well, actually two but one () didn’t make any sense. After I was done chuckling a little bit, I refocused and settled on Jeremy Brown a six year minor leagurer, active from 2002 2008 in the Oakland A’s system.

Brown is probably most famous for his role in the popular book “Moneyball” by Michael Lewis, where he was profiled by scouts as a catcher who was destined to be a designated hitter. His on base percentage was off the charts and was drafted high because of the inexpensive cost to sign him.

Long story short I hope Vogelbach doesn’t become Jeremy Brown. If I just gave the Tacoma first baseman some bulletin board material, you’re welcome. Let’s get you to the bigs and help the offense.

I always look forward to September 1st not as much as the trade deadline, but it’s still up there with when pitchers and catchers report in spring training. Voges is already on the 40 man roster, so that won’t be a problem to bring him up. I just hope the Mariners jerseys can use him. I’m not sure if they will take at bats away from him in Tacoma to sit him on the bench and talk to Cruz all day. Nelly seems friendly enough and fun to chat with, but I’m sure the hard working 23 year old would rather be playing.