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Seattle, said former Mariner Tom Lampkin, one of Sexson good friends in their hometown of Vancouver, Wash. likes the practical jokes. that the darkest side of Sexson that the Mariners jerseys will see the next four years, they will be happy. The M signed the 6 foot 8, 237 pound right handed hitter to a four year contract, believed to be worth $50 million, with high hopes that he delivers much of the home run power they are seeking this offseason.

thrilled to have Richie here as hopefully the first component to add more offense to this club, Mariners jerseys general manager Bill Bavasi said.

Besides waiting to see if an opening develops at first base if the Yankees jerseys can rid themselves of Jason Giambi contract, the Delgado camp also wants to land with a team that is serious about winning in 2005. If not the Yankees jerseys or Red Sox jerseys, the Mariners jerseys could be the next best thing.

The M also are believed to be interested in free agent third baseman , although the Dodgers jerseys are making a strong push to retain him.

Sexson said he had no reservations about signing with a Mariners jerseys team that lost 99 games and finished last in the American League West Division in 2004.

want to fight their way out of that, and I want to be a huge part of that, said Sexson, who will turn 30 on Dec. 29. organization goes through rough times, but you want wholesale baseball jerseys to play for an organization that wants to win and wants to win now. They one or two moves away from being really, really good here, he said. the way you have to attack it as a player on the free agent market. is considered a solid defensive first baseman but would move to left field if the Mariners jerseys sign another first baseman such as Delgado. Sexson hasn played left field since he was with Cleveland in the late 1990s.

I playing left field, that means we got a pretty good first baseman over there, he said. I not playing left field, I very, very comfortable at first base. the Mariners jerseys wind up with both Sexson and Delgado, they would likely shop switch hitting outfielder Randy Winn in trade talks, possibly to get pitching in return.

Sexson brings a legitimate power threat he has hit 200 home runs in his career and averaged 32 homers and 94 RBI the last four seasons but also a concern over the strength of his left (non throwing) shoulder.

He injured the shoulder last April with the Arizona Diamondbacks jerseys while trying to check his swing and rehabbed it for nearly a month, then re injured it on another check swing. He had arthroscopic surgery on June 4 to repair a torn labrum and missed the rest of the season.

It concerned the Diamondbacks jerseys so much this offseason that their contract offer contained clauses in the event he injured the shoulder again. Sexson turned it down.

The Mariners jerseys put Sexson through some strenuous tests on the shoulder in their physical exam this week and were satisfied that he is healthy.

what I just went through, I pretty positive it all right, Sexson said. feel like going out and jumping on some monkey bars and doing some flips. who has seen Sexson frequently this offseason in Vancouver, agrees that he looks strong and healthy. However know he feels strong, Lampkin said. you can replicate what it like to check your swing until you in a game situation. I remember what Edgar (Martinez) went through a few years ago when he swung and missed a ball and hyper extended his elbow. When you get fooled on a changeup in a game, there a tendency to put a little more pressure on it than you do in batting practice. That when he really know how strong it is. Lampkin said Sexson should provide an immediate boost to the Mariners jerseys offense and fit well with his new teammates.