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The NHL season is just over 10 percent complete, and we are already seeing spectacular starts by the game’s greatest players. These are early days, so most of the records and accomplishments we will discuss are career marks, but there are some very interesting single season achievements that are in play in the early portion of the schedule.From moving up the all time list for games played, to shooting more pucks in the first 10 games than anyone in the game’s 100 year history, this season has all kinds of possibilities. In spite of all of the tremendous offensive players who have followed, no one has approached the remarkable total. got the closest, with 390 in 1995 96.Who Is the Challenger? In the first 11 games of the 2016 17 season, of the San Jose Sharks jerseys has a pace that will see him reach 469 if he plays all 82 games.Chance the Record Will Fall? Any record that has survived for over 40 years has stood the test of time, but Burns has a real chance this year. His previous high in a season is 353 but this early spike represents an extreme jump in performance. No regular goalie has bested the number since that season.Who Is the Challenger? It appears this record is in real danger of falling this season, as no less than six men are currently posting superior numbers. of the Detroit Red Wings jerseys, and of the Montreal Canadiens jerseys, of the Boston Bruins jerseys, of the New Jersey Devils jerseys and of the Minnesota Wild jerseys are all in the mix to break the record.Chance the Record Will Fall? This is a record that has been broken frequently this century, and it seems we are in an era where elite goaltending is being redefined every five years or so. Expect one of these men to break the record wholesale hockey jerseys this year, possibly posting a number that stands for some time. He played in an incredible 1,767 between 1946 and 1980.Who Is the Challenger? cheap Jaromir Jagr jersey of the Florida Panthers jerseys has been as phenomenal in his era as Howe was in his and is within reach of the record should he decide to continue his NHL career. Jagr is currently at 1,640 games and could reach 1700 by season’s end.Chance the Record Will Fall? The games played record is an extremely difficult mountain to climb, but Jagr has been healthy and effective for a very long time. Hull did it seven times, one more than and cheap Alexander Ovechkin jersey.Who Is the Challenger? Ovechkin started winning goal scoring titles early, beginning at age 22. He is a relentless shooter, and there is little doubt we are witnessing an all time great and an inner circle Hall of Fame player in real time.Chance the Record Will Fall? Ovechkin will pass Hull; it is only a matter of time. This is a major record, and the Russian winger is going to pass the all time record while still in his prime. Ovechkin could put the record out of sight before the end of his career.Nam Y. Huh/Associated PressWhat’s the Record? The record for career shots belongs to , who sent 803 bullets on net over a 20 year playoff career beginning in 1986.Who Is the Challenger? There are two challengers, both impact players worthy of the honor. of the Chicago Blackhawks jerseys currently sits at 697 shots, and cheap Jaromir Jagr jersey of the Florida Panthers jerseys is at 682 shots.Chance the Record Will Fall? It is unlikely the record falls during the playoffs next spring, but there is a chance for one of these men. has delivered 100 shots in one playoff season, and cheap Jaromir Jagr jersey has never done it. A lot of the success in this area depends on either Chicago or Florida going deep into the postseason.