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Today in Raleigh, North Carolina, the Carolina Hurricanes jerseys Hockey Club held their annual Caniac Carnival for fans of all ages. While the rides, food and fun were certainly welcome, what is most important is giving the fans a first look at the players currently on the training camp roster. While less than half will make the Opening Day roster for the NHL Premier in Helsinki, Finland, those 23 players on the roster against the Minnesota Wild jerseys as well as the players at the Hurricanes jerseys AHL affiliate in Charlotte, NC, should be good enough to get the Hurricanes jerseys back to the postseason.The team on the ice for the Hurricanes jerseys has changed drastically over the last seven months and now includes only four players over the age of 30, being the eldest at 33. With a team that young one would think that the Hurricanes jerseys could have some trouble early on with inexperienced players on their roster; however, at least 20 of the 44 players on the training camp roster have NHL experience many ofwhom played with the Hurricanes jerseys last season. With the familiarity of each player’s tendencies that the team has, look for them to bounce back from a poor showing in the regular season besides a great second half of 2009 10.After watching the practice from which most of the Hurricanes jerseys regulars will come, here are some thoughts on a couple of players on the training camp roster:cheap Cam Ward jerseyThe former Conn Smythe winner from 2006 looked spot on during his portion of the practice, showing no effects of his back problems wholesale hockey jerseys from a season ago. Ward was instructed to perform some back exercises along with his regular training regimen during the off season and so far it seems to have helped him tremendously. His rebound control and reflexes harkened back to his 2006 and 2009 Playoff forms, and with the upside and potential that he shows in his form and skill, 40 wins in a season is not out of the question for a goalie who will most likely have 70 to 75 starts in 2010 Jeff Skinner jerseyCarolina’s 2010 First Round selection at seventh overall looked as good as 50 goals in his final year of juniors says already. He is fast, agile and has one wicked wrist shot to boot. His size will most likely not affect himas much as it would have had he started his career before the lockout, and 20 to 30 goals next year might not be a pipe dream. Once he develops into a more mature forward, along with the rigorous off ice conditioning stint over the summer with formerNHL player cheap Gary Roberts jerseyto get him ready for life as a professional hockey player,40 goals year after year could be a given five years from now.Many of the players were able to move quickly on the ice and their preparation for the coming season showed in a very good way.However, some questions still exist with how and will perform next season,as each player is not the best on the defensive side of things, and also how the Hurricanes jerseys will fit in the next five defensemen on the team on some nights. They most likely will not be playing much more than 10 minutes per game with players such as (who has seen his best yearsof his career so far with the Hurricanes jerseys), , , and fitting into the top two defensive pairings, with Carson being the seventh defenseman on certain nights because his two way contract gives the Hurricanes jerseys coaching staff some flexibility on where he can fit in.Overall, they will most likely not be challenging the Washington Capitals jerseys for first in the Southeast Division, but don’t expect the Hurricanes jerseys to be blow overs on most nights in the upcoming season.