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The NFL overturning a superior version of the Lynn Swann catchwas baffling. The fact that every pundit is echoing the same “bad rule, right call” rhetoric and leaving it at that adds to the infuriating feeling I’m unable to shake.

The NFL’s rule (as presently constructed) is highly flawed indeed. It robbed of a game winning touchdown vs. the Bears jerseys in 2010; however, the difference betweenMegatron’s non TD and ’s non catch is clear as day.

Johnson reels in a jump ball, only gets two steps down inbounds and makes no other moves or actions that signal the “the process of the catch” has been completed. When the ball jars loose as he goes to stand up, the call gets overturned and ruled incomplete.

Meanwhile, Bryant did in fact do enoughby the league’s own ridiculously archaic standards because he made multiple “football moves” or “acts common to the game” that should have ended the “process of the catch.”

How do I know this besides my own two eyes? The league ruled as such on the exact same play with the exact same player 13 weeks prior to the NFC Divisional Round.

Let’s go back to Week 7 of this season. The Cowboys jerseys hosted the Giants jerseys on Oct. 19 in Jerry World.

In that clip, you’ll see a couple of interesting things. The first bitin the reel shows Bryant put down one arm to the ground while holding the ball in his other hand in an attempt to avoid his knees or elbow from touching the surface.

In this instance, Bryant managed to stay on his feet and gain an extra 10 yards or so by successfully completing what can accurately be described as a “football move.”

But things get more interesting at the 48 second mark of Bryant’s Week 7 highlights. That is where we find our proof that the NFL erred in overturning the Bryant catch with 4:06 remaining vs. the Packers jerseys (a call that ESPN says dropped Dallas’ win probability from 56 percent down to 15 percent). The controversial pass interference penalty on the Cowboys jerseys against Detroit that garnered so much outcry only dropped the Lions jerseys’ win probability from 79 percent to 69 percent, according to Advanced Football Analytics.

This is a third and final angle of the lunge from a stumbling Bryantwhere he’s clearly down. This is where the refs ended up spotting the ball after the NFL’s replay headquarters confirmed the catch but ruled Bryant was short of a TD since his legs clearly touched down before the ball crossed the goal line.

Above, the ball comes loose well after the process of the catch has been completed.

On Oct. 19, a stumbling Bryant got three feet down, used the wholesale nfl jerseys hand without the ball to try and keep his body from touching the ground, reached for the end zone and had the ball come loose after his dive. The NFL ruled the catch had been confirmed by replay (indisputable video evidence that the call was correct).

Yet on Jan.

Bryant gets one foot down.

Bryant gets his second foot down.

Bryant gets his third foot down.

Bryant starts to kick out and propel for the end zone, putting his right arm out as he prepares his attempt to prevent his knees and elbow from touching the ground.