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Well, the thought at the time just after the all star break as I broke down each team chance of competing for a World Series title was those teams starting pitching was a little thin once you got past the No. 1 and No. 2 guys.

and have been excellent since the break, helping solidify the St. Louis Cardinals jerseys starting rotation. If young , who spent nearly three months out of the lineup with a shoulder injury, can right the ship before the postseason, the Cards will be all set.

has done the same for the Brewers jerseys, having pitched well all season, but he has been particularly good since the break.

And Giants jerseys GM Brian Sabean rewarded his team for staying in the race by going out and getting veteran starter Jake Peavy to help shore up the rotation. Now, Belt appears ready to return from post concussion symptoms just in time to offer the Giants jerseys a little extra pop in the lineup for the stretch run.

The moral of the story here is: With two wildcards in each league, there are no underdogs.

There are a couple big dogs: I lookin at you, Detroit and Anaheim.

There are a few young pups lookin toward the future: Hello, Chicago and Houston.

There are some sleeping dogs: Wakey, wakey, Oakland.

There is even a team which has been sick as a dog: Sorry, Texas, better luck next year.

But in a 30 day long postseason in which getting hot and healthy at the right time is paramount, there are no underdogs.

When Hall of Fame shortstop Cal Ripken Jr. Then, he offered this: is so hard. I mean, to look at it, the 162 game authentic jerseys wholesale schedule proves who is the best team in the league in that particular year. The best teams in the playoffs are the ones that get a hot pitcher, that play really well in that time frame. from here on, we put to bed the notion of an underdog.

Until next year around the all star break then, there will be at least a few. Navy Captain hat basket of crabs (Baltimore Orioles jerseys); golf or ski trip to the Canadian Rockies jerseys (Toronto Blue Jays jerseys); a pinstriped Gibson Les Paul guitar (Cleveland Indians jerseys); the last second base ever used at the Metrodome (Minnesota Twins jerseys); a bench made of bats and bases (Chicago White Sox jerseys); a plaque depicting his No. 2 made of subway station tiles (New York Mets jerseys); a Yankees jerseys themed paddle board (Los Angeles Angels jerseys, of course). And from Rawlings? A giant leather chair shaped like a baseball glove. Bet your gold watch doesn look so shiny now, does it? Sports editor Todd Saelhof says I be allowed to take my desk chair with me when my time at the Calgary Sun is finished. That seems appropriate it was here long before I arrived 11 years ago. Angels jerseys have been the hottest team since the all star break, and they were rewarded by being the first MLB team this season to clinch a playoff spot. It became official with Monday 8 1 rout of the Seattle Mariners jerseys . CBS Sports John Heyman says the Toronto Blue Jays jerseys are set to make a qualifying offer of US$15 16 million to LF (.301, 16 HRs, 73 RBI), who will be a free agent at season end. I should say so . Good to see Orioles jerseys 1B is keeping up with his weight lifting during his 25 game suspension for using amphetamines. Upon seeing an overturned vehicle Monday on the Baltimore Washington Parkway, witnesses report Davis leapt into action, gathering a crowd and helping push the vehicle back into its wheels and freeing the man trapped inside. Big deal. I once slowed down and offered a stranded motorist my cellphone. But he didn need it, because, as it turns out, everyone over the age of 9 already has one.