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The marriage of Mike Babcock and may be a very short one.When Babcock took the Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys coaching job last month, it led to a lot of questions about how he would roust this somnambulant franchise and get the Maple Leafs jerseys to compete at 100 percent on an every night basis.That’s what Babcock demanded during his 10 years with the Detroit Red Wings jerseys, and he knows full well how disjointed and uninspired the Leafs jerseys have been from playing against them in the same division the last two years.Kessel has been the poster boy for the coasting Maple Leafs jerseys as he has alternated spectacular offensive play and explosive speed with indifferent play in the neutral and defensive zones.With a new sheriff in town especially one as smart and tough as Babcock Maple Leaf players are likely to fall in line and redouble their efforts. That includes Kessel. However, Babcock is smart enough to know that trying to impress the new boss is just a temporary phenomenon, and players will revert to their true character.There are indications that Babcock does not believe Kessel’s character will help the Maple Leafs jerseys become a hard working, hustling team over the wholesale hockey jerseys long haul. According to Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman, via Justin Cuthbert at The Score, teams have started to call the Maple Leafs jerseys and ask what it would cost to acquire Kessel in a trade.With the NHL draft coming up at the end of the month, it makes sense that interest is going to grow if there is any chance that the Maple Leafs jerseys are going to move Kessel. Teams will be able to put together players and draft picks and come up with an attractive package for the Leafs jerseys.Kessel is scheduled to receive $10 million next season, $8 million will count against the salary cap.Kings may need to sweeten the pot in order to trade RichardsThe Los Angeles Kings jerseys showed their hand during the season when they demoted veteran cheap Mike Richard jerseys during the season.Richards was no longer quick or effective enough to warrant regular playing time for head coach , so they shipped him to their Manchester affiliate in the American Hockey League.While they recalled him before the end of the season, Pierre LeBrun of ESPN reports that the Kings may have to include another asset if they want to move Richards and his $5.75 million cap hit. LeBrun surmises that the team that eventually trades for Richards will buy him out, and that’s why another key asset would be needed.Taking Richards off the Kings’ hands would be akin to doing president/general manager Dean Lombardi a major favor, and that team would have to be rewarded with a player or a draft pick.Senators jerseys in strong position to deal a goalieOttawa Senators jerseys general manager Bryan Murray is a smart veteran who has been through the trade wars many times. As a result, he is in no hurry to trade one of his three goalies right now.However, as interest in and heats up, it could be at a fever pitch prior to the draft at the end of June. That’s when Murray is likely to pull the trigger for the Senators jerseys because that’s when several teams could be ready to make a move for a veteran goalie.The third goalie in the mix is Andrew “The Hamburglar” Hammond, and he was one of the heroes of the Senators jerseys’ late season rush to the playoffs. He recently signed a new contract with the Senators jerseys.Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun reports that Murray is looking for a “young player who has the potential to be a top six forward.”Edmonton, Buffalo, Calgary, San Jose and St. Louis are the teams that Garrioch listed as being interested in acquiring one of the Senators jerseys’ goaltenders.