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These October days have been nice. The first frosts of the season were a little hard for me to accept, but the end of the garden is inevitable. I wish I had planted tomatoes earlier and gotten more of a harvest. But I look at gardening like a Chicago Cubs jerseys fan and say to myself, “There’s always next year.”

October is the cheap baseball jerseys end of baseball season, the thick of football season and basketball’s pre season not to mention soccer and other sports. Like many, I enjoy football season. High school games are fun to attend. It was pretty chilly last Friday night, but that’s what you expect this time of year. I like following football at Utah’s colleges and universities as well. It’s fun to get to a few of those games.

I know folks around here who are real baseball fans. One guy in particular knows more about baseball and baseball trivia than anyone has a right to know.

Before cell phones with their onboard directories, he would keep track of people’s phone numbers by baseball player’s jersey numbers. For example:If your phone number was 4517, this guy, being first and foremost a Red Sox jerseys fan, would say, “Okay, I’ll remember your number; it’s Pedro Martinez and Bret Saberhagen.” This guy seriously knows the details on all the World Series games for the past several decades. (But he doesn’t remember my birthday.)

I, on the other hand, would have trouble during wartime being identified as a friend or foe if I had to rely on baseball knowledge. Remember those old war movies where the army guys ask the incoming stranger if he was a “friend or foe?” They would ask the newcomer who was wandering into the camp who won the World Series for the past few years to determine if he was really an American and not a sneaky spy.

The Red Sox jerseys and Yankees jerseys seem to have lots of fans around here and around the country. I went to an Orioles jerseys game a few years ago and the Yankee fans in attendance were at times louder than the Baltimore fans. The Braves jerseys, Rockies jerseys and Dodgers jerseys seem to have a good representation in Sanpete as well. Of those teams, Los Angeles and Boston are still in the hunt.

Yogi Berra, Yankee legend, is one of my all time favorite baseball personalities. His quotes and misquotes never get old. “We made too many wrong mistakes.” “Slump? I ain’t in no slump. I just ain’t hitting.” “I really didn’t say everything I said.”

Of course, October is a big hunting month. As I drove north out of Fairview Sunday afternoon to return grandkids home, I was behind a pickup truck which had elk legs sticking up in the air out of the bed of the truck. It was kind of humorous because there was a total of six legs extended and gave the impression that it was a six legged elk. I had to pass the truck because I couldn’t take my eyes off of the weird illusion.

There’s still a lot of hunters who go out on the deer hunts, but not as many as there used to be. Hunting is a big deal is Sanpete and I like the tradition. I just wish more of the deer who visit my yard would find their way up into the mountains to be harvested.

Between deer and raccoons, I’ve had struggles at my place within the past couple of weeks. A new peach tree and a little apple tree are the latest victims. I know, I know it’s my own fault for not building a fence around vulnerable new trees.

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