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I did not write a column last week, not because I was on vacation (I wasn’t), but because of all the election news, there was no room for my usual ramblings. Besides I had a couple of election related stories to write for last Wednesday’s paper, giving me little time to write a column.

So I did not write one, and as best I can tell, no one missed my column. Or at least no one called to complain.

I only regret one thing about not being able to write last week’s column: It was time to write my annual column declaring National Procrastinators Day, which should have been Sunday, but because I had no column in which to proclaim it, it will have to be delayed until this Sunday.

In one regard, delaying National Procrastinators Day by a week or more is no big deal. After all, more than any other people, procrastinators understand delays. As a group, we just never seem to get around to doing the things that need to be done. Congress or the president to proclaim the holiday.

For at least the last 25 or 30 years we have been thinking about starting such a petition, but before we know it, another National Procrastinators Day is here without an official proclamation, and just like the Chicago Cubs jerseys, we end up vowing, “Wait until next year!”

On the other hand, there is a reason why National Procrastinators used to be on the last Sunday in October but has been on the first Sunday in November for the last few yeas: It is the longest day of the year. Because that is the day we “fall back” from daylight saving time to standard time that particular Sunday has 25 hours in it.

Since the favorite excuse of all procrastinators is “There just aren’t enough hours in a day to authentic jerseys wholesale do all that I need to do,” I have long suggested that that extra hour gives us procrastinators the needed time to do all those little things that we have just not have time to do. In the past I have celebrated National Procrastinators Day by fixing a squeaking hinge on the front door, tightening the screws on the cabinet doors and (a favorite for this time of year) switching from summer clothes to winter clothes in my closet.

However, since National Procrastinators has been delayed by a week this year, there is no extra hour in which to do all the things that need to be done. Thus, many odd jobs in the homes of dedicated procrastinators will not get done until the next National Procrastinators Day next November.

The city has budgeted money to hire a public relations officer at the behest of some members of the commission. The rationale is that the city is inadequate in relaying information to the public because it has no one person dedicated to the job.

The new employee would update the city’s website, run the social media accounts, respond to inquiries from the general public and the media.

The employee’s salary may be about $35,000, and he or she would also receive benefits, including insurance. The City of Huntington has a communications director, as do others cities with comparable populations to Ashland.

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