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Eric Wedge calls it a Catch 22.

Yes, the Seattle Mariners jerseys manager says, there are players on his mlb jerseys from china roster namely Chone Figgins and Jack Cust who need to pick it up. Wedge has been saying it all season, and it’s no less true now than it was in April. A .188 batting average from your former All Star third baseman ain’t gonna cut it. Neither will a designated hitter with just two home runs through the first three months of the season.

“It’s a tough adjustment, because on the one hand, we’re asking them to get it going,” Wedge said. “On the other hand, how the hell can they get it going, I’m sure they’re thinking, when I’m not in there? It’s kind of a Catch 22. But it is what it is.”

What it really is: Figgins is running out of chances, though he’ll get one on Monday when the Mariners jerseys begin a three game series against the Atlanta Braves jerseys. With Adam Kennedy at the DH spot, Cust will sit yet again, while Figgins will bat ninth and start at third base.

And you have to figure the only thing separating Figgins from a permanent spot on the bench is the fact that Kennedy’s body won’t hold up to an every single day playing role, meaning regardless of how poorly Figgins continues to hit, he’ll get his chance at least a couple days a week at third base.

“Just try to get him in there when we can,” Wedge said of Figgins. “He’s till got to try to get going. We’re not going to be able to do it with just the kids. We’ve got to get these veteran guys heading in the right direction as well. I felt like the other night he hit two of the hardest balls I’ve seen him hit, the shot to short and the ball to center field. Now that we have the DH to play with, we can mix and match a little more.”

Again, though, Wedge added that part of the reason for Figgins playing third base Monday is simply to give Kennedy a chance to get off his feet.

And the Mariners jerseys having the DH to play with means Cust won’t be playing much DH. He hasn’t started a game in two weeks and has struck out in two of his three at bats in that span.

Wedge talked about confidence, and how regardless of a player’s age, the magnitude of the slumps plaguing Cust and Figgins will begin to take its toll.

“I’m sure that’s happened with Figgy some, but he has a lot of pride and he cares about this game and his teammates,” Wedge said. “He hasn’t played a whole lot lately and he’s handled that like a pro. He hasn’t pouted about it. He’s been a man about it. And when he gets the opportunity like he does tonight, he just has to go out there and focus on his game and play. Hopefully, that’s what we’ll see.

” The way Figgins and Cust have handled themselves through this adversity, I’ve got a hell of a lot of respect for that.”

Respect is nice. But not enough to keep either of them in the lineup.

Jack Wilson and Jeff Gray spent some time before batting practice kicking a soccer ball around the outfield, then heading the ball back and forth to each other for a while in the clubhouse. Both seemed rather adept at the sport, though that’s no surprise considering Wilson’s well publicized history as a soccer nut. has reached base safely in his first nine games in the big leagues. After Sunday’s 3 for 5 performance, he’s hitting .300 with a .364 on base percentage. Tacoma Rainiers broadcaster Mike Curto will work Wednesday’s game with Rick Rizzs in the radio booth. Curto has called more than 1,800 Rainiers games since 1999, though Wednesday’s will be his first with the Mariners jerseys.