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And here we sit.After an entire summer of questions about where will he go? how much will he get, and for how long? the circus appeared to be put to rest in late July when the New Jersey Devils jerseys announced they had signed the Russian sniper to a whopping, record breaking, 17 year, $102 million contract.While everyone was still trying to digest the very idea of such a ludicrous deal, the NHL immediately cried foul and informed the New Jersey Devils jerseys that they were not going to approve a deal that quite obviously circumvented the NHL’s salary cap.To say the deal was front loaded is factual, but it doesn’t capture the true audacity of the deal’s structure.The New Jersey Devils jerseys would have you, I, and the NHL believe that they planned to have Kovalchuk suit up until he was 44 years old and that, from age 39 on, he’d be playing for $550,000 per season.Never mind the fact that $98.5 million of the proposed $102 million contract would be paid out within the first 11 years of the deal, this contract is totally on the up and up and filed in good faith (wink, wink).The NHLPA promptly filed a grievance on behalf of Kovalchuk, and the whole matter was eventually reviewed by an independent arbitrator, who rightly upheld the league’s incredulity by ruling in their favor on August 9th.Kovalchuk was once again a free agent and he and the Devils jerseys wholesale jerseys were sent back to the drawing board to draft a contract that would resemble something not created in Fantasy Land.What they’ve come back with is a 15 year, $100 million dollar deal.Wow! What a difference, eh?They shaved a whole two years off of the original proposed contract, and with that, $2 million!The previous contract would have resulted in a $6 million annual cap hit, a far cry from the actual $11.5 million that Kovalchuk would make in the richest years of the deal.The new contract will up that cap hit to, wait for it.$6.6 million.By reducing the salary to $1 million in years 11 thorough 13 and then upping the salary in years 14 and 15 to $3 and $4 million, respectively, the Devils jerseys seem to be making it painfully obvious that this contract, unlike the last one, isn’t buyout friendly and that, they truly believe Kovalchuk will be worth a combined $7 million at age 42.And you thought the first contract was ridiculous.The sharp drop off in the final years of the 17 year contract rejected by the league in August was obviously put in place to make a buyout much easier once Kovalchuk entered his 40s.But, you could suspend disbelief long enough to see that, perhaps, the Devils jerseys anticipated a drop off in Kovalchuk’s abilities in his later years and thus reduced his pay accordingly.You could almost see that as likely.What this means is that, if the NHL is true to its convictions (and I’m not saying they are), then they should reject this deal even more quickly than they did the first one.However, in so doing, they will have taken one step closer to open war with the NHLPA, and that means the fate of the entire NHL will start to hang in the balance.As easy as it might be to lay this whole mess at the feet of Gary Bettman, doing so would be unfair.The NHL was totally justified in rejecting Kovalchuk’s first idiotic contract and will be totally justified if and when they throw this one out as well.The blame, therefore, for the lockout/strike to come should be placed squarely on the New Jersey Devils jerseys and cheap Ilya Kovalchuk jersey.After all, there is no mandate, guideline, or stipulation that, in order to play in the NHL, cheap Ilya Kovalchuk jersey must make over $10 million per year and must play under a long term, $100 million contract.