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Leo Mazzone, as we have long known, has plenty to say, particularly when it comes to baseball. And, since his days as the Atlanta Braves jerseys, then Baltimore Orioles jerseys pitching coach, he has been taking every opportunity made available to him to say what’s on his mind in what my dear grandmother Bessie, in her best Yogi ese, would say is “ample sufficiency.”

Well, Leo’s got a new gig to say whatever his heart desires when it comes to the game he loves, as, beginning two days ago, he became part of the Atlanta Braves jerseys radio pre game show team with former Braves jerseys Mark Lemke, the gamer second baseman; Tom Glavine, one of Leo’s former Young Guns, now on the clock for the Baseball Hall of Fame; and Atlanta radio personality Buck Belue, the quarterback of the 1980 national champion University of Georgia Bulldogs and a former minor leaguer with the Chicago White Sox jerseys.

Mazzone, Lemke and Belue will work all 162 Braves jerseys games, with Glavine joining the team every Friday and Saturday of the season, on 680 AM The Fan, “Atlanta’s Sports Station.” During Braves jerseys home games, the team will be stationed in the center field plaza at Turner Field.

“We’re excited about it,” said Mazzone. He also has been doing work as a color analyst on the Saturday Game of the Week on Fox Sports Television the past two years.

As he does every time you have the chance to talk to him, Leo on Thursday asked a million questions about a million different people from the area, all of whom he has a personal story about, including Cleveland Indians jerseys lefthander Aaron Laffey.

“Our family has a personal contact with the Laffey family,”Leo said, “so I’m really rooting for this kid. And you know, when you see him pitch, it’s obvious he knows what he’s doing.”

The link in the personal touch between the Mazzone and Laffey families, it should come as no surprise to learn, is baseball.

“Aaron’s grandparents house was right next to the ballpark on Maryland Avenue in Westernport,” Leo said. cheap jerseys “Steve Laffey (Aaron’s dad)caught me when I was in the minor leagues. He was a lot younger than I was but he wanted to catch me, and, I’ll tell ya . He was a pretty good one, too.”

Steve Laffey has said in the past he has many fond memories of those days when he caught Leo. As well we can all imagine, being a youngster and having a professional ballplayer let you catch him while preparing for the upcoming season? Hey, for a little kid growing up on the sandlot, that’s the stuff that dreams are made of.

Every September when Leo got home to Westernport following his season, he, Steve and Steve’s brother Tommy Laffey would play ball almost every day until it got too cold to do so. Sometimes it was at the ballpark on Maryland Avenue. Sometimes it was the Bruce High School football practice field after school, and then after dinner until it got dark.

Steve Laffey remembers the gang would hit first, hitting rounds of 10 each for a few rounds, and then Steve would catch Leo when they were done hitting. Naturally, Leo’s dad, Tony Mazzone, Westernport’s legendary baseball coach, was usually there while they were playing, helping any and all of the kids who wanted to play.

Tommy Laffey was a pit

cher and an outfielder, while SteveLaffey was an RBIguy and primarily played first base.

“Down on the Avenue next to the ballpark,” said Leo, the former minor leaguer, and now one of the most highly regarded pitching coaches in major league baseball history. “Man, I’m telling ya . Those were the days, my friend.”