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BOSTON Playoff basketball is supposed to be a time for the NBA to showcase its greatest players and most prolific squads. Gone are the flotsam franchises who have spent the year dragging down the competition and subjecting the league’s fans to hours of sloppy play.The playoffs, after all, are for the best of the best, meaning the play is supposed to be cleaner, tighter and more precise. Simply put: Playoff basketball is supposed to be a pleasure to watch.This postseason, that has not been the case, and the most recent evidence came in the form of a Wednesday night Boston Celtics jerseys beatdown over the Washington Wizards jerseys, 123 101.This series, despite having plenty of bad blood, has hardly been competitive. In five contests, not a single game has been decided by single digits. Overall, the average margin of victory is an astonishing 18 points.But this display between Eastern Conference foes isn’t the exception it’s the unfortunate rule of the 2017 playoffs. Best playoff PD for champions: 71 Bucks (+14.5), 01 Lakers (+12.8), 91 Bulls (+11.7)5/9/2017, 3:29:14 AMMaking matters worse: four of the 10 playoff series have ended in sweeps.Also, the blowouts. There have been a ton. To be exact, an astounding 30 percent of this year’s postseason games (19 out of 62) have ended with one team winning by 15 points or more.Still, it’s one thing for stacked powerhouses like the Cavaliers and Warriors to be running circles around the competition.”That’s just unbalanced talent,” one Eastern Conference assistant coach told Bleacher Report when asked for a theory behind this recent stretch of lopsided victories.But how do you go about explaining all the crooked scores we’ve seen in battles between more evenly matched teams?Take, for example, this second round series between Boston and Washington. The Celtics jumped out to a 2 0 series lead with a pair of victories at home, then headed south to Washington where they were run off the floor. The Wizards won Game 3 by 27 points and Game 4 by 19 points.In Wednesday’s Game 5, Washington scored the first four points of the night only to surrender the next 16 to the Celtics.Three games, three straight blowouts.”Hometown crowds, in our series especially,” Wizards forward told Bleacher Report afterwardwhen asked about this trend. “I mean, we play a lot better at home, and Boston plays a lot better at home. There’s authentic jerseys China an electric atmosphere here.”Smith was quick to point out that he was only talking about his team’s series against the Celtics and not the playoffs overall. But he was adamant that loud crowds can indeed lead to tangible differences on the court. “It’s not like the regular season. It’s tough to go in there; it’s tough to get calls.”He added that many of the miscommunications during playoff games are the results of a player simply not being able to hear his teammates.Greg M. Cooper USA TODAY SportsWednesday night’s Celtics crowd was especially vocal, with the team’s first quarter burst and 15 first quarter fast break points sending it into an early frenzy. The Celtics also drilled 16 of their 33 treys always a crowd favorite. The presence of Wizards swingman , who was suspended for Game 4 after getting into a scuffle with Celtics big man , and who Boston fans greeted Wednesday night with the warm, profanity soaked embrace that one would expect, only further fueled the fire.”I think energy has a lot to do with it. You know, on the road, foreign territory, your energy is not the same as it at home,” Celtics rookie told Bleacher Report. “So I think energy levels have a lot to do with it and we came out with a different energy tonight than we came out with on the road.”