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Marbury opening statement: I think it’s going extremely well. I can’t complain. We’re playing well as a team. We’re going out each and every day and putting forth the effort to win games, and I think that it’s a great situation for myself.

Q: How did you react to some of the criticism you received after being traded, and did you feel like you had something to prove?

Marbury: I don’t think that in my situation I have something to prove. I know who I am as a basketball player. As far as me being selfish, I think at times I probably was a little bit selfish due to the fact that we had a lot of guys down. Keith (Van Horn) missed 32 games, Kerry Kittles was out, so in my situation, it was kind of tough. I had to do what I was asked and that was to score points.

Q: Do you like the playing style in Phoenix?

Marbury: The style of basketball we’re playing is a winning style. I can play in any style.

Q: Is it tough to achieve star power in New Jersey in terms of marketing and overall popularity?

Marbury: It’s kind of tough when you’re losing. When I was there, I didn’t complain about being marketed because I knew we weren’t winning. I’m not going to market anybody that’s losing. That’s just my personal opinion. If you’re losing, I’m not going to market you. You have to win in order for that to happen. And that goes with anything.

Q: Can a player be a star in New Jersey?

Q: How do you explain the Suns’ recent success?

Marbury: I think with the addition of Bo Outlaw, and coming back, those guys bring really good veteran qualities cheap jerseys to the game and Bo Outlaw has been the best trade of the year so far. He brings a lot of energy, he rebounds the ball, he does the things that never show up in a boxscore and I think by us having him it allows us to go out and play with a lot of energy, and that’s been the biggest part of us playing well.

Q: What are your impressions of the Suns’ organization?

Marbury: It’s a first class organization. is a guy that wants nothing but W’s and he feels that it’s also good to be a good person because that leads to being a good basketball player and becoming a great player. As far as the team, Coach (Scott) Skiles is a guy who wants to win, everything else is secondary. He’s a very disciplined, hard nosed coach. I think he maximizes the abilities of the guys on the team.

Q: How is your current situation different from last year with New Jersey?

Marbury: It’s a different situation. One team is trying to do one thing and the other team is trying to do something else. In the situation of Nets, they haven’t really played in the playoffs and when I was there, our goal was to make it to the playoffs. The Phoenix Suns jerseys, those guys have been playing in the playoffs for the last 17 years so they want to play for a championship. Of course, the ultimate goal for the Nets is to win the championship, and right now those guys are playing well enough to beat anybody.

Q: As the only team in the league to beat the Lakers, what is your advice to other teams?

Marbury: You have to try to maintain Kobe (Bryant) and Shaq (O’Neal) and you have to make shots and you have to play hard defensively and not allow the other guys to hurt you.

Q: Were you upset over Byron Scott’s recent comments concerning your play last season?

Marbury: Not at all. I understand that when I was there, we were in a losing situation and he was frustrated. He should feel that way. Things weren’t going right and I totally understand. I was upset, too. But you just take it in stride.