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The Los Angeles Lakers cheap jerseys jerseys won’t make the playoffs this year and are a long shot to qualify next season, too. Their first round pick in the 2017 draft is headed to the Philadelphia76ers if it lands outside the top three.

Add those two sentences together, and the result is an organization that has no business buying talent at this week’s trade deadline.

But that doesn’t mean the Lakers shouldn’t sniff around for a young, unpolished player who fits their timeline. McDaniels is a serviceable NBA player on a quality team? If the answer is yes, the Lakers are in a great place to find out.

Over the last couple of years, McDaniels has struggled to crack the rotation under two separate coaching staffs. That’s not good. He can’t really shoot, and going back to his time in Philadelphia, he hasn’t been able to finish around the basket either.

Wings who’ve shown they belong in the NBA (even in limited stretches) are increasingly coveted. McDaniels could develop into a reliable rotation player (at least) in Los Angeles. That said, the Lakers shouldn’t go out of their way to pry him from the Rockets, a win now franchise well aware of McDaniels’ value. He’s on a one year deal for the veteran’s minimum, with the potential for a huge raise on the horizon. His three point stroke is a miscalculated catapult in slow motion, but when healthy, Jones is athletic enough to wreak havoc in transition and fly in for athletic finishes around the basket.

He can guard wings and stretch forwards and rarely turns the ball over. A productive NBA player lives somewhere inside Jones. He’d be a tricky fit in Lakers coach Luke Walton’s pass happy offense but could slide into ’s role next season if the 31 year old opts out of his contract and becomes too expensive.

Lamb’s length and ball handling ability would make him a versatile cog on a team that already has a few on deck most notably . In small lineups potentially featuring those two, the Lakers could switch a bunch without suffering on the defensive glass. for could work out for everyone involvedif Lamb buys into Walton’s ideology and finally reaches his potential as a consistent offensive weapon who applies himself on both ends. He’s a 23 year old rookie who’s only played 400 minutes and is shooting 31.9 percent from the floor. But the Lakers would still be much better off with him than Williams, whom the Chicago Bulls jerseys a team in desperate need of three point shooting would trip over to acquire if given the chance. a lot worse than it already is, which is good. He’d also be a semi intriguing trade chip if the Lakers opt to change course. a helpful stretch 4 it may want to keep around for the long haul.

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Unless the Lakers are willing to package several members of their core (Russell, Ingram, , etc.) to try to grab a top 15 player (perhaps or ), the No. 1 asset they have to dangle is Williams.

To best figure out their top targets at this year’s deadline, look for buyers desperate for some punch off the pine. Tops on that list is Washington. The Wizards are likely capped out for the next few years and don’t have much to deal except , the 15th overall pick in the 2015draft.

Oubre just turned 21 in December but has already carved out some room for himself in Scott Brooks’ rotation. The question facing the Washington front office is should it go all in this season and sacrifice Oubre’s potential for a known commodity who can definitely help now?