Johnny Manziel NFL Jersey Authentic On Sale


Johnny Football? Brady Quinn? Felix Jones?

The recent history of the No. 22 overall pick isn pretty, and the Miami Dolphins jerseys are next up to attempt to overcome this troubling trend.

Miami is coming off a 10 win season and the team is in a good position to land a quality prospect late in the first round. However, the Dolphins jerseys’ draft slot hasn’t been fruitful for NFL teams for most of the past decade.

Let take a look at the past 10 years of the No. 22 overall pick and how things panned out.

2016: Washington Redskins jerseys WR Josh Doctson

Career stats: Two receptions, 66 yards

Analysis: Although it too early to judge Doctson career after one season, the receiver definitely failed to make an immediate impact with the Redskins jerseys. He played in just two games last year because of injuries and had two catches. Teams don wait very long for players to develop in the NFL. This is a big Year 2 for Doctson to justify being a first round pick.

Hit or miss: Miss (for now)

2015: Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys OLB

Career stats: 50 tackles, 8.5 sacks

Analysis: Dupree didn get off to a fast start to his NFL career. He started just nine games in two seasons and has 8.5 sacks over that span. However, Dupree came on late last year with 3.5 sacks in his last four games. He also registered a half sack in the playoffs. Let give him the nod for potential and heading in the right direction.

Hit or miss: Hit

2014: Cleveland Browns jerseys QB

Career stats: 1,675 yards, seven touchdowns, seven interceptions

Analysis: Manziel was one of the most high profile draft flops of the past decade. He came in with the hype of a No. 1 overall pick, but character questions partially led to 21 other teams passing on Football. The historically bad Browns jerseys took the bait and it was a disastrous two years for Manziel on and off the field in Cleveland. The Browns jerseys still haven recovered from his tenure and are searching for a quarterback. Manziel missed the entire 2016 season and is trying to make a comeback.

2013: Atlanta Falcons jerseys CB

Career stats: 204 tackles, seven interceptions, 48 pass defenses

Analysis: Trufant isn elite, but he is a good cornerback. He started 57 career games in four seasons for the Falcons jerseys. This was a quality find at No. 22 four years ago.

Hit or miss: Hit

2012: Cleveland Browns jerseys QB Brandon Weeden

Career stats: 6,462 yards, 31 touchdowns, 30 interceptions

Analysis: The Browns jerseys land here again, still trying to fix their quarterback issues with the No. 22 pick. This was a surprise because Weeden, who was 27 at the time, was an older prospect due to his time playing professional baseball. The Browns jerseys thought they were getting a mature, NFL ready quarterback. But they ended up with just an older draft bust.

2011: Indianapolis Colts jerseys OT

Career stats: 89 starts

Analysis: The Colts jerseys have had one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL the past several years. Castonzo is durable and has 89 career starts. But he is an average offensive tackle at best, which is not what you want from a first round pick.