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Police were called to investigate an incident involving Cleveland Browns jerseys quarterback in Fort Worth, Texas, early Saturday. about a possible assault. Police talked to a 23 year old woman, who was not the caller, who said she had been involved in an incident earlier in the evening with her ex boyfriend in Dallas. A preliminary investigation determined that a possible assault had occurred, though the woman refused to cooperate with officers and there was no evidence of a crime scene in Fort Worth.

The woman also told officers she was concerned about her ex boyfriend’s welfare. Police officers attempted to locate him, including by helicopter, and later determined that he was safe and not in danger.

Fort Worth police confirmed the man in the report was Manziel. They said they are working with Dallas police to determine whether any criminal offenses occurred, which Dallas police confirmed in a statement.

When asked about the incident by ESPN, the Browns jerseys said they would have no comment at this time. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told ESPN the league was aware of the incident and “looking into it.”

Manziel was questioned by police in October after a domestic incident involving his girlfriend at the time, though it was not immediately clear whether the same woman was involved in this incident.

In the October incident, several witnesses called police after seeing Manziel and a woman arguing in a vehicle. The argument escalated to the point that she tried to leave the car as it exited a highway.

Both Manziel and the woman admitted to arguing, and Manziel told police they had been drinking earlier in the day. The police officer made the determination that Manziel was not intoxicated and he was not charged. The NFL investigated the incident and announced in November that Manziel would not be disciplined.

It has been a tumultuous few months for the quarterback. Less than a week after being named the Browns jerseys’ starter in mid November, a video surfaced online of Manziel holding a bottle at an Austin, Texas, club during the team’s bye week. The next day, then Browns jerseys coach Mike Pettine announced that he was demoting Manziel to the third string for the next game.

A little more than cheap nfl jerseys a month later, Manziel was ruled out of the team’s season finale with a concussion and did not attend the game. Reports surfaced that Manziel had been seen at a casino in Las Vegas that weekend.

Manziel spent 10 weeks in treatment for undisclosed reasons before this past season.

At the time of new Browns jerseys coach Hue Jackson’s hiring earlier this month, a source close to the situation told ESPN’s Dan Graziano that Manziel was discussed at length in meetings between Jackson and Browns jerseys ownership. In those discussions, Jackson indicated that if he were to become head coach he would prefer the organization part ways with Manziel, and Jackson was told that would not be a problem. Jackson said earlier this week that he had not talked to Manziel yet.

If the Browns jerseys want to release Manziel, the earliest they can do so is Feb. 8, the day after the Super Bowl, when the NFL’s waiver system begins. Teams can’t make trades until the new league year begins March 9.