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The Consensus Mock Draft is a compilation of the best mock drafts around the web. We bring them together to come up with a good estimate of how the 2014 NBA Draft could play out.

A few things of note in the most recent look at the mock drafts:

Just as we were beginning to get a consensus at No. 1, news came down last week that would need surgery on a fractured foot and could miss as much as the entire 2014 15 season. The injury immediately put teams on high wholesale jerseys alert (Sam Bowie watch?) and Embiid now appears at No. 1 only on the two mocks that have yet to update. Most often, he’s slipping as far as No. 6 (five times) to the Celtics, who you have to think would be ecstatic to have a potential stud fall to them. Wherever he ends up, the injury has thrown a wrench into the top of the Draft and will make for an intriguing Draft night.

The top spot looks to be a toss up at this point between and , who each appear on five of the 12 mocks going to the Cavs.

Also benefiting from Embiid’s injury is Australian point guard , who now appears to be a favorite of the Sixers. He appears at No. 3 seven times, and a backcourt of Exum and reigning Rookie of the Year Michael Carter Williams would certainly be exciting.

It doesn’t seem likely that Oklahoma State’s will fall past No. 8. He seems to be gaining some steam, too, as he’s now climbing as high as No. 4 (Orlando), where he shows up three times.

Indiana’s is becoming a strong possibility of ending up in Utah at No. 5. He appears at that spot in seven of the 12 mock drafts, but he’s also getting a hard look at No. 4 (Orlando), where he shows up four times.

Kentucky’s takes a big dive in the latest outlook. He’s still not likely to slip past No. 8, but more and more mocks (seven) are liking him to slip to the Lakers at No. 7.

is solidifying his chances of going in the lottery. He now appears on all 12 mocks in the lottery, going anywhere from No. 9 (Hornets) to No. 13 (Wolves).

Ten players appear in the lottery on all 12 mock drafts: Embiid, Wiggins, Parker, Exum, Vonleh, , Smart, Stauskas and cheap Doug McDermott jersey. was on all 12 until the latest look, but news that he signed with a Turkish team may be scaring away teams.

, a point guard out of Louisiana Lafayette, joins the top 14 as he now appears on six separate mocks. has him as high as No. 8 to the Kings, while three mocks see him going to the Magic at No. 12.

Where available, heights are taken (with shoes on) from official measurements at the NBA’s pre Draft combine and are rounded to the nearest inch.

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly as the Consensus will be updated periodically.


1. CAVS: Parker, Wiggins (5) 2. BUCKS: Wiggins (7) 3. SIXERS: Exum (7) 4. MAGIC: Vonleh (4) 5. JAZZ: Vonleh (7) 6. CELTICS: Embiid (5) 7. LAKERS: Randle (7) 8. KINGS: Gordon (5) 9. HORNETS: McDermott (8) 10. SIXERS: Saric, Stauskas (4) 11. NUGGETS: Harris (4) 12. MAGIC: Payton (3) 13. WOLVES: Stauskas (4) 14. SUNS: Payne (3) Most common: Pick at which the player is most commonly projected, with number of mock drafts in parentheses. For example, cheap Andrew Wiggins jersey is projected to go first in seven of the mock drafts listed below.

Top 14: To calculate the consensus, we awarded 14 points for the first overall pick, 13 for the second, continuing to 1 for the final lottery pick. The player with the highest point total represents the top overall selection.