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Who is the best player in the NFL? Not based on the last 10 years or one game, but over the last year, who was the best? Good luck answering that one without starting a fight, right?Well, that’s what the NFL 1000 aims to do by scouting, grading and then ranking the best players at each position before putting them in order and breaking ties to come up with the top 1,000 players. No narratives, no fantasy football points, no “QBR” this is cold hard scouting.You can find rankings for all other positions on ourB/R NFL 1000 main page.The B/R 1000 metric is based heavily on scouting each player and grading the key criteria for each position. The criteria are weighted according to importance for a possible best score of 100.Potential is not taken into consideration. Nor are career accomplishments.Right tackles are judged, quite simply, on pass blocking (50 points), run blocking (45) and their value as a starter or backup (5).In the case of ties, our team asked, “Which player would I rather have on my team?” and set the rankings accordingly.Subjective? Yes. But ties are no fun.Each player was scouted by me and a team of experienced evaluators (Dan Bazal, Cian Fahey, Dan Hope, Marshal Miller, Justis Mosqueda) with these key criteria in mind. The following scouting reports and grades are the work of months of film study from our team.All statistics fromPro Football Focus. Once he gets his feet moving, he has the quickness to mirror his opponent’s moves. However, he is often slow coming out of his stance and does not have a clean slide. He rarely moves defenders off the line of scrimmage but sometimes gets moved backward by defensive cheap jerseys linemen. He has the acceleration to be a strong second level blocker, but he does not consistently get his hands on defenders to seal them out of running lanes. It looks unlikely that the 25 year old will ever establish himself as a full time starting offensive tackle. (6’4″, 328 lbs, five seasons) has the athleticism to get out in front of outside pass rushers, but he is not nearly aggressive enough with his hands. Even when Newhouse gets in perfect position on an opponent, he will allow the defender to stay in the play because he lacks the punch to knock his man away from the quarterback. Against defensive linemen at the line of scrimmage, however, Newhouse is far less effective. Signed for only one year in Cincinnati, Newhouse was a free agent and signed with the New York Giants jerseys. Hi isn’t good enough to be anything more than a swing backup tackle. Fluker (6’5″, 339 lbs, two seasons) failed to improve in pass protection. Despite having long limbs, Fluker has a short slide and lacks quickness, which makes him far too susceptible to being beat by outside speed rushers. He tends to catch block, often drops too close to the pocket and frequently gives up leverage to his opponents, all of which lead to him allowing pressure on bull rushes despite his massive frame. The problem for Fluker is that he is not regularly able to do so. His aim and hand placement are inconsistent, while he also struggles to bend so that he can obtain the leverage to assert his power. He can punish defenders at the second level with his punch, but a lack of explosion limits his opportunities to hit downfield blocks.