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Due to my fascination and love of train travel, again I commenced my latest journey on Monday, Aug. 18, leaving on the Lake Shore Limited 449, from Cleveland Station in route to Boston, with stops along the way in Erie, Pa.; and Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Utica, Schenectady and Albany in New York State; and into the state of Massachusetts with stops in Pittsfield, Springfield, Worcester (which we all have to remember is pronounced Wister).

We then continued on to Framingham and then to Boston Back Bay station and ending in South Station in South Boston.

I stayed this time at the Park Plaza Hotel off Arlington Street, which is quite close to the Commons and Park area of the city. This hotel was originally built in 1926, and at that time was a Statler Hotel and has since changed names. It was a pleasant stay.

The park itself is always beautiful and refreshing with the giant pond and the swan boats and ducks and geese, and a pair of swans who seem to always crave attention, especially in the form of food of some description.

This park is an enchanting interlude to me with all of its greenery and trees and beautiful flowers with a backdrop of a bridge over this large lagoon area which is a replica of The Brooklyn Bridge.

This all serves as a tonic for me to breathe in and enjoy this magnificent occasion.

Due to the recent death of comedian and actor Robin Williams, the bench in the park where he and Matt Damon sat and conversed in the movie Will Hunting was featured and, of course, I had to take a photo of it.

The Boston Red Sox jerseys are having a terrible year after winning the World Series last fall. I took in a game at the old and treasured Boston ball park, Fenway Park. Yes, they lost again, but the fans are diehards and keep cheering. It is a nice walk to Fenway along Boylston Street.

A long walk to Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market and Long Wharf can take in a whole day for shopping and sightseeing and many seaworthy tours are available like whale watching and harbor dinner cruises. The Legal Seafood Restaurant just has to be one of the places to dine with their menu many choices of elegant sea foods. There are many of their restaurants throughout the city and harbor side.

After two whole days in the city, it is time to embark homeward leaving South Station, an ornate train station which supplies the peoples travel needs to most of New England and of course Amtrak.

There seems to be a fixation for the reliance of automobile travel and, of course, the ever popular plane travel which seemed to have diminished rail passenger service earlier on. Now since Amtrak began in 1971, train travel has again returned as the calendar year of 2013 saw 31.6 million passengers, which is a record for Amtrak.

Hopefully there will be more new improvements in train travel in the near future including high speed rail service which could be a more competitive edge to plane travel. The trains are more comfortable to ride than a plane even though it may take a much, much longer time to get there, it is more relaxing.

The freight trains do have a priority on the rails over passenger trains. The passenger trains do have to pull aside and let freight trains pass, which produces late trains and passenger dissatisfaction. This is a big issue.

With a train though, you can relax and food and drink seem to be available most of the time during your trip. The scenery itself cheap mlb majestic jerseys is worth the price. It may take you a long time to get there but there are also many pleasurable moments to enjoy including the people you meet.