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The annual Minnesota Twins jerseys caravan kicked off its four day journey at the McDowell Activity Center on Monday morning. Bear.

“The biggest thing is to talk Twins jerseys baseball and bring Twins jerseys baseball to the people that we know are our supporters but can’t always make it to the ballpark,” Twins jerseys manager of community relations Stephanie Johnson said.

“Our fan base is much larger than those who are in the stands every day, and the players know that, and we know that, so this is our chance to say thank you to people who are maybe a little bit further away that we don’t get to say thank you to in person at the ballpark every year.”

Provus opened up the event with a video, which displayed a multitude of highlights from the 2015 season as well as a number of quotes from players and coaches. to a resounding applause from the filled bleachers.

The trio of Twins jerseys players proceeded to tell stories and answer questions from the fans. Oliva told the crowd about his and long time teammate Rod Carew’s experiences facing Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan, a pitcher that May idolized as a kid.

“Growing up, my dad always said, ‘Throw as hard as you can, and we’ll figure out where you throw it mlb jerseys from china later,'” May said while explaining why Ryan was his favorite. “He’s just a bulldog. It didn’t get any better than Nolan Ryan.”

Duffey, on the other hand, preferred the expert control of Greg Maddux while also noting that he enjoyed the mastery of his late 90s Atlanta Braves jerseys rotation mates Tom Glavine and John Smoltz as well.

“He was the ultimate pitcher Gold Glover, strike you out or get the ground ball,” Duffey said of the 2014 Hall of Fame inductee. “Maddux was hands down my favorite guy to watch pitch.”

After the question and answer session, the Twins jerseys caravan gave all the children in the stands an opportunity to meet everyone and receive autographs.

“We’re here to come out and show our faces,” Duffey said. “People support us all season, so I think it’s important to get out here and show them we appreciate the fans and everything they do for us. This is going to be a great time, talking to kids, fans; you name it. to see us so it’s kind of a tribute to them.”

This specific grou[, which is just one of four groups traveling around Twins jerseys Territory this week, was scheduled to make two more stops on Monday following its appearance in Bismarck.

“From here, we go to Valley City and we’ll end the day in Grand Forks,” Johnson said. “Tomorrow night we’ll be in Fargo, Wednesday night we’ll be in Montevideo (Minn.) and we’ll end the caravan on Thursday in St. Cloud (Minn.).”

Minnesota has not reached the postseason since 2010, but an 83 79 record last season has both players and fans alike geared up for the start of the 2016 campaign.

“Right now, we have a lot of young players that have a lot of potential, and we have a lot of people who play good outfield,” Oliva said. “We have to wait. This coming year will be a very crucial year for us.”

May shared Oliva’s optimism while likening the organizational makeup to that of both the Chicago Cubs jerseys and Kansas City Royals jerseys.

“First off, we’re young and we’re exciting,” the 26 year old pitcher said. “I think we saw what the Cubs jerseys did last year, and there has been a lot of excitement in that organization.”

“The Royals jerseys were like that when [Eric] Hosmer and [Mike] Moustakas were drafted,” he continued. “They were all really excited about it and just had to give them time to work in, and it has worked out.

“We’re in the exact same boat. We have a lot of young guys that are going to have to start taking over some leadership roles, and it’s going to be a lot of fun to watch.”