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The National Football League has just completed its annual pilgrimage to London with Sunday’s blowout win by the New England Patriots jerseys over the St. Louis Rams jerseys, and as is seemingly the case every year, the London game has given birth to talk of placing at least one NFL team overseas permanently.At least one NFL owner believes that the time has already come to do so. As Michael Middlehurst Schwartz of USA Today recently reported, Patriots jerseys owner Bob Kraft told a crowd at the NFL FanFest rally prior to last week’s game that London is ready for an NFL team all its own.”You’re already hosting the premier league, and we believe we’re the premier sport in the world,” Kraft said. “I think London has shown, with the way they’ve handled the Olympics and every other major sporting event, that it’s time for you to have your own NFL franchise, based in London.”However, before Mr.The biggest “pro,” of course, is money, and it’s the reason why an NFL team in London will all but certainly happen eventually. For all the billions that the NFL rakes in every year, the sport doesn’t have the global appeal of soccer or even basketball, and the NFL sees the 80,000 fans that pack Wembley Stadium every year as indicative of the heaps and piles of money that are just sitting there for the taking.It’s really not that simple, though. has grown since they started the exercise six years ago.The problem is that one game a season is an event; an annual novelty that attracts even casual fans looking to see something new. Sustaining a team over an entire season is going to require developing a fanbase for that team in the host city, and as sports business expert Simon Chadwick told Chris Murphy of CNN, that could be a hard sell.”The NFL is one of those sports that is deeply socio culturally embedded it is quintessentially American, which means it only has limited appeal outside its core markets, in much the same way as a sport like cricket,” Chadwick said.That’s far from the only hurdle to clear with placing an NFL franchise in a city like London. There’s also the matter of traveling and scheduling, which would be a logistical nightmare.London is over 3,400 miles away from New York City and nearly 4,800 miles away from Seattle, and the time difference between Seattle and London is seven hours during Daylight Savings time, which now encompasses half of the regular season. the effect on those teams would still be significant (especially West Coast teams), and the competitive disadvantage for a London franchise making eight trips stateside every year would be enormous. taxes non resident athletes, which is bound to be a huge sticking point with the NFLPA. Form 1040, assume Blackmon pays tax at 30 percent on the full $8 million of income, resulting in a tax bill of $2.4 million. tax rate of 30 percent, or $1.5 million. on $8 million of income, an effective rate of approximately 42.5 percent.Oh yeah, the players will just love that.Frankly, placing an NFL team on the European continent makes no sense, but it’s going to happen. Goodell wants it, and at least some of the owners do as well. Remember, nfl jerseys China this is the same bunch who trumpeted player safety out of one side of their mouths, while scheduling 16 Thursday night games and trumpeting an 18 game regular season out of the other.