Phillies #34 Roy Halladay Stitched White Red Strip Youth MLB Jersey

“It would be hard to find,” I said to myself, as I thought authentic jerseys wholesale about what would be hard to find, “any professional sports team in history that has been more inept for a 10 year period than the Browns have been since their alleged return to the NFL in 1999.”

I’m talking about the overall operation of the franchise.

That would include, but not be limited to, won loss record, draft record, front office record and how much demonstrable proof there is that anyone in charge actually had a clue.

Such as in 1968 and 1969, when, with quarterback Dick Shiner at the controls, the Pittsburgh Steelers were an electrifying 3 24 1. of A.:

(Please note, this discussion is limited to baseball, basketball and football only. I didn’t have time to research the NHL. Are the Hartford Whalers still in the league?)

Maestro, if you please, a little kazoo .

No. 8: 1921 30 Philadelphia Phillies jerseys

They lost more than 100 games in five of the 10 years, finished in last place in six of the 10 years and averaged one new manager every other season (what, you’ve never heard of Kaiser Wilhelm?)

During their 10 year run for the noses they had almost as many nicknames (four) as 100 loss seasons (six). Known at various times in this period as the Beaneaters, Doves, Rustlers and Braves jerseys hey, you’d change your name a lot, too, if you were this bad Boston’s National League team lost 100 or more games four years in a row, and in the last eight years of their glorious run they averaged 100 losses per season. In 1906, they finished, as usual, last in the NL, a mere 66 ? games out of first. They are not to be confused with the 1922 24 Braves jerseys, who gentlemen, we salute you! lost exactly 100 games three years in a row.

No. Clippers

In the first three years of this run to Ignominyville, the Clippers had a combined winning percentage of .192 (41 173). Fortunately they had the presence of mind to sustain their decade of disgrace by wasting the first overall pick in the 1998 draft on inanimate object Michael Olowokandi and other high picks during their run such as Rico Hill, Darius Miles and Marko Jaric.

No. 5: 1936 45 Philadelphia Phillies jerseys

The only franchise gentlemen, we salute you! honored twice on this list, the Phillies jerseys rebounded from their lost decade of the ’20s to do it again, but even worse, in the ’30s and ’40s. Talk about hopeless. In this Decade ‘O Decadence, the Phillies jerseys finished last in eight of the 10 years and averaged 102 losses per year for the full 10 years. That includes the 109 loss 1942 team, whose ace pitcher was either Rube Melton (9 20) or Si Johnson (8 19), and the 111 loss 1941 team that was outscored by almost 300 runs for the season. During this 10 year trainwreck, the Phillies jerseys employed seven different managers (what, you’ve never heard of Hans Lobert?).

If there was one defining, toweringly symbolic moment since the Browns’ return in 1999 that was the very embodiment of the they just don’t get it ism that has plagued the organization since its return, it came following the beer bottle throwing near riot at the end of the Jacksonville game in 2001, when a certain club official (rhymes with “Schmolicy”) tried to defuse the gravity of the moment by pointing out “really, those bottles don’t pack much of a wallop.”

That was one of the first indications to Browns fans that, in the words of Roy Scheider in “Jaws,” “We’re going to need a bigger boat.”

No. 2: 1999 2008 Detroit Lions

They lost all of their games last year, people! All of them! Oh and 16, baby! Going winless for an entire season in the NFL, a league specifically designed to turn bad teams into good ones as quickly as possible, is nearly impossible.