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Soccer is a weird sport. Example one: The worst team in the league gets to play for a championship.

This isn like your rec basketball league, where everyone makes the playoffs soccer leagues have concurrent knockout cup competitions that run alongside the regular season. Open Cup.

The Union are actually next to last in the Eastern Conference, andthey do have the fewest points per game in the league. No matter. Sebastien Le Toux goal in the 74th minute was all the Union needed to win their semifinal matchup. The Fire had just two shots on goal all game. The team hosts Sporting Kansas City in the final on September 30th.

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Philadelphia Phillies jerseys third baseman lies on the field after being hit by a pitch against the Arizona Diamondbacks jerseys during the first inning at Chase Field on August 11th.

One of the few bright spots in this Phillies jerseys season has been the emergence of cheap Maikel Franco jersey at third base. In a year devoted to building the future, Franco has emerged as one of the likely building blocks.

So when this happened Tuesday night against the Diamondbacks jerseys you can imagine a cold shiver went down the spines of Phillies jerseys fans everywhere.

may be headed to the Texas Rangers jerseys in a massive deal. But he gave Phillies jerseys fans a hell of a gift before he left.

On Saturday, Hamels pitched a no hitter against the Chicago Cubs jerseys at Wrigley Field a notoriously fickle place to throw a no hitter. Indeed, a no hitter hadn been thrown there since 1972, and the visitors hadn thrown one since 1965.

Hamels dominated. He struck out 13, walked just two and, once he finished off the no hitter got teams to increase their offers to the Phillies jerseys. After a career of dominant pitching performances for the Phillies jerseys, he ended his career by helping the team get more in return for him. (He also vetoed a trade to the Astros jerseys, so maybe the Phillies jerseys could have gotten more. But that minor.)

It only the second time a pitcher has thrown a no hitter in his final start for a club, and then been traded, according to Dan cheap mlb jerseys Mallon, and the first time in season. Hamels made the ultimate last start for a team not in contention: He had one more signature moment in a Phillies jerseys uniform, and helped the club get more for him in a trade.

The longtime Phillies jerseys pitcher the 2008 World Series MVP has been on the trade block all season long. On Saturday afternoon, he pitched a no hitter against the Chicago Cubs jerseys, winning the game 5 0. It was the 13th no hitter in team history.

Oh, and he hit a double to help his own cause.

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