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With baseball’s trade deadline approaching Monday, the normal crew of two or three scouts gathered each night to watch the Lynchburg Hillcats and/or their opponent has swelled to a crowd averaging a half dozen or more per night.These guys (and they’re almost exclusively guys) travel the world in the employ of Major League Baseball teams investigating talent. For much of the year, many of these scouts are scouring the prep and college fields looking for players their organizations should select in the draft. These days, most of their efforts go toward updating records they already have on other organizations.This is especially true for this year’s Hillcats, a talented farm club of the American League Central Division leading Cleveland Indians jerseys, which may be looking to deal prospects in the interest of giving the first place big club a better chance at a World Series.And don’t think prospects like those on the Hillcats aren’t aware of the extra attention. They see the added radar guns in the stands; they hear the trade rumors.”These six weeks between the draft and the trade deadline is usually the best baseball you’ll see all year at this level,” said Mike Brown, a pro/international cross checker in the Tampa Bay Rays jerseys organization.Brown was one of several scouts in the stands last week enjoying a bit of a homecoming in Lynchburg. He pitched at Liberty University from 1994 to ’97 and played one year of independent ball before catching on as a scout with the Kansas City Royals jerseys. Glass baseball coach Kevin Brown, picked up while Mike was scouting on weekends) and delivered pizzas to make ends meet.Beside Brown in the stands above Calvin Falwell Field sat Jason Baker, another LU star from the ’90s. Baker played outfield for the Flames from 1993 to ’95 before he signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers jerseys. He now works as a cross checker for the Los Angeles Angels jerseys and still lives in Lynchburg with his family. Not far away, former Lynchburg Mets jerseys catcher Kevin Burrell did similar work for the Chicago White Sox jerseys.The scouts couldn’t disclose which Hillcats their organizations wanted them to take a close look at, but they divulge some of the process.”You have to write an evaluation up on everybody, because you’re never sure when a player is going to come up for any number of reasons,” Brown said, poring over notes in three different colors of ballpoint pen.There was a lot to get down. “This Lynchburg Hillcats team is one of the better prospect teams that I’ve seen in a while at the A ball level,” Baker said of the first place team. “So that makes it a little more interesting, and it gets a little more in depth in what cheap mlb jerseys for sale you’re looking at. There’s players throughout this lineup that you think could contribute in some form or fashion at the Major League level.”Those contributions vary as widely as the players do.”There’s not one way to play or be successful in the big leagues, so it’s not like you’re looking for A, B or C,” Brown explained.That rings especially true for scouts like Burrell, who may sign a full class of prospects without one ever reaching the majors.”Scouting’s a job where you can fail most of the time and still have a job, because most of the guys you’re going to sign don’t get to the big leagues,” said Burrell, a former first round pick of the Boston Red Sox jerseys who played in Lynchburg with the 1985Mets jerseys. You’re trying to go with guys who maybe remind you of certain guys.”All three were updating scouting reports on Carolina League teams for their respective organizations, but Burrell’s job was a bit different. With the White Sox jerseys, a Central Division rival of Cleveland’s, a trade that would bring a Hillcats player to his organization is very unlikely. His job is to gather data, and the decision makers may do what they wish with it.”You’re building a whole history from the time you scout them as an amateur to the time they get to the big leagues,” Burrell explained.