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Money can’t buy love, but it might be able to buy a World Series title.

Meet the New York Yankees jerseys. And this year, they really outdid themselves.

In a free agent market full of good pitching and only a few good bats, the Yankees jerseys flexed their financial muscle and outspent any and all challengers for the players they wanted. cheap mlb majestic jerseys Sabathia, as well as switch hitting first baseman Mark Teixeira. In the end, the Bombers committed $423.5 million dollars to sign three players to long term deals, bolstering a weak pitching staff and adding a young, elite hitter to their lineup.

With the way the economy stands right now, doesn’t this sort of behavior scream for a salary cap?

Small market teams simply cannot compete with the kind of money the large market teams bring in especially the Yankees jerseys and the integrity of the game suffers as a result.

Every other major professional sports league employs a salary cap, so why can’t baseball? Sure, the luxury tax spreads around some money to smaller teams, but teams like the Boston Red Sox jerseys and Yankees jerseys simply are not affected.

This coming season, the Yankees jerseys will spend a little over $118 million on their starting lineup alone. Their top four pitchers, Sabathia, Burnett, Chien Ming Wang and closer Mariano Rivera, will be paid a combined $58.5 million.

In other pro leagues, teams are generally good and bad in cycles, with the bad teams rebuilding through the draft and player development, and the good teams adding one or two key players to make a run at the playoffs or a championship.

As a result, the National Football League, National Basketball Association and National Hockey League put together seasons that are defined by parity.

Major League Baseball does not.

Since baseball added an additional wild card playoff spot in 1995, the Yankees jerseys or Red Sox jerseys have taken it in nine out of 14 seasons. In that same time period, those two won the American League East 12 out of 14 times, with the Yankees jerseys taking home the title on 10 occasions.

Essentially, by virtue of having the most money, the Yankees jerseys and Red Sox jerseys are practically locks to make it to the playoffs each season.

Yes, the Tampa Bay Rays jerseys won the AL East in 2008, went to the World Series and will compete again this upcoming season, but the Rays jerseys represent a rare giant killer.

They put its team together by planning for the future, using high draft picks from poor seasons and placing together a complete team instead of paying high priced superstars.

Unfortunately for Tampa, their young talent will outgrow their modest contracts eventually and move on to greener pastures.

Then the Rays jerseys, like all other small market competitors, will have to rebuild for the future.

That sort of thinking does not compute for the Yankees jerseys. Every year, the Yankees jerseys’ management has the mindset of World Series or bust and their offseason moves prove that.

Had the Yankees jerseys been economical in their spending this past November, December and January and been forced to operate under a salary cap, their playoff potential would be unlikely at best instead of now being in a position to win the World Series.

Do fans of the game really enjoy seeing the same teams dominate every year? Will it be satisfying for Baltimore and Toronto fans to already be eliminated from the playoff race by July?

What other professional sports teams pick and choose their players to form an all star team?

The current system needs to go so that fans around the country can enjoy watching their team have a fighting chance year in and year out.

Otherwise, the status quo will remain, and the Yankees jerseys will continue to overpay the best players to win at all costs, maintaining the vicious cycle that currently exists in Major League Baseball.