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“I just finished graduate school in May, so I was filling out applications left and right,” Talley said last week on one of her rare days off. “And one just appeared. And I was unbelievably overjoyed when they offered it to me.”I applied thinking not necessarily I would put money on getting it, and I did. I was quite surprised, because over 500 people apply. They interview about 50, and they select 22. I’m one of 22 people who get to do this.”The fact the internship is so rare makes Talley want to work even harder.”Walking through those halls every morning is really humbling,” she said. “Being able to work on Doubleday Field, as well, you just have to stop and realize where you are. It’s really a great feeling.”Most fans of baseball view the Hall of Fame as their Mecca.The rush you get when you walk through the front doors for the first time or you see the exhibits of the people who played such a huge role in baseball.Talley wasn’t only going to go there; she gets to work there for 10 weeks.Her internship is in the Hall of Fame’s education school programs department.”I get that feeling every morning,” Talley said. “And not just me or the interns get that feeling; everyone who works here really appreciates what they do. They recognize they have the coolest job in the world. No one takes it for granted.”Just about a month in to Talley’s summer long internship, one moment stands out above the rest.”The most exciting thing is they’ve given us tours,” she said. “We get to tour the private collection. I’ve gotten to hold Babe Ruth’s bat. I’ve gotten to see boxes and boxes and boxes of baseballs signed by every Hall of Famer.”The most recent acquisitions to the collections vault were the first base and cleats from the Jim Joyce missed call at the almost perfect game. It’s a big deal. I have to walk through the Plaque Gallery to get to my office, so it’s kind of like going through a cathedral every morning. A sacred place.”As soon as Talley finished this story, she had to mention another special moment she’s experienced.Even though Talley has only been in Cooperstown since June 1, it was hard for her to pick just one moment.”The second annual Hall of Fame Classic weekend over Father’s Day where seven Hall of Famers come back and they play in a game against other former Major Leaguers,” she said. “It’s a whole weekend wholesale jerseys of events. So being a part of education and public programming, my job during the game was to do on field activities.”One of my events was a run around the bases game for kids. My job was to stand on second base while the kids run around the bases. As I’m sprinting out to second base, I realize I’m running right by Rollie Fingers and Ozzie Smith. It was amazing. I had that moment of, ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t believe this is my job.'”Talley knows how fortunate she is, and workers at the Baseball Hall of Fame helps remind her and others of the chance they have.”They keep telling us that some people coming here, this is a lifelong pilgrimage,” Talley said. “This is their one chance to come here. Our job is to make sure this pilgrimage is worth it, and it’s everything that they hoped it could be.”The focus of Talley’s internship is on the geography of baseball and how they work together.”My job is to rewrite the geography curriculum,” she said. “All about stadiums and why they’re built in such a way. Why the Colorado Rockies jerseys are named the Colorado Rockies jerseys. Why the Arizona Diamondbacks jerseys are named the Diamondbacks jerseys.”It looks at the advances in transportation over the years and why they’re able to have teams on the West Coast. So all things that have to do with geography and baseball.”Talley said her job is just as much fun as the tours or people she sees.”This is exactly what I want to do with a career,” she said. “I just finished my masters degree in American Studies at UW, and there is nothing more American than my job.”