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Los Angeles Rams jerseysSt. Louis Rams jerseys: Top 75 Greatest Players of All TimeSteven GerwelContributor IIIJune 12, 2011St. Louis Rams jerseys: Top 75 Greatest Players of All Time0 of 76If you are a Rams jerseys fan, you may be a bit disappointed that the NFL’s list is currently at No. 41, and they have yet to announce any Rams jerseys (although Steven Jackson and will eventually get their props).

But not to fear, this list only has 75 players, but they are all Rams jerseys.

Before we get started, it should be made clear that players from the last decade definitely had an upper hand, for several reasons.

First, I’m not distinctly familiar with the Rams jerseys teams before the ’90s, mainly because I wasn’t alive. Also, there are a lot of young readers on here, so this way it makes it fun for everyone.

The younger readers won’t have to dig through a list of players they’ve never heard of, while the historic players still get recognition.

So if you’re an old timer, then please refrain from getting you panties in a wad. We know things aren’t the way they were back in your day, but just bare with it.

Having said that, I attempted to include a decent number of modern or recent players while remaining accurate for the most part.

Now let’s get started.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty ImagesJames Laurinaitis is still earning this spot on the list, but he is already arguably the most valuable player on the entire defense.

He is shaping up the be a middle linebacker of Brian Urlacher importance, and he will do nothing but improve as he prepares to enter his third NFL season. Atogwe. This has become evident from the unofficial offseason workouts that have taken place during the current NFL lockout, where reports indicate that Laurinaitis is among authentic jerseys wholesale the leaders of the mini camps. Atogwe was the defensive captain for the Rams jerseys in 2010, but he was unfortunately lost in free agency to the Washington Redskins jerseys.

Atogwe was known for creating turnovers during his tenure with the Rams jerseys. His best season came in 2007 when he recorded eight interceptions, which led the NFC.

Atogwe never won anything major with the Rams jerseys, and he had the misfortune of never playing for a playoff team. But nonetheless, he was a special player.

Years Active: 1998 2002

Just like Dre Bly, Ricky Proehl basically made the list due to one single play.

He contributed in other ways during the highly memorable 1999 2001 Rams jerseys era, as he was a reliable first down target, but no St. Louis fan really associates anything with Proehl other than “The Catch”.

As seen in the video above, during the 1999 NFC Championship game against Tampa Bay (a game completely dominated by defense), Proehl made a one handed grab in the end zone to put the Rams jerseys on top, which sent them to Super Bowl 34.

Years Active: 1976 1988

The late Rams jerseys linebacker, who died in a car accident in 1990, was only a one time Pro Bowler.

However, he displayed unquestionable team dedication that really distinguishes himself as a great Ram. So much in fact that the Rams jerseys have a team award named after him the ‘Carl Ekern Award’ is awarded to the player who best displays commitment and a hard work ethic.