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For many years, the world over, baseball and apple pie were linked together as synonymous with American culture. For awhile, however, things looked like they had changed. According to USA Today, baseball had been struggling six years ago. A lot of the problems had to do with legal contracts involving huge salaries for some of the ball players, concerns about work stoppages with respect to contracts, allegations of widespread steroid use, and equipment manipulations exemplified by Chicago Cubs jerseys Sammy Sousa being caught with a corked bat. So things weren’t looking good in 2003, and something had to happen. It certainly had its woes during its American history, through wars and depressions, drug use, attendance and contract problems.

Baseball has had its ups and downs, including as far back as 1917 when there were concerns about the war and whether or not the issues involving it would interfere with the league schedules. It was decided that if after a half season, if the rest of it couldn’t be played, the contract with the players would cease. This was a financial decision, cost cutting in order to maintain solvency in the event that some of the games had to be cut due to schedules and other issues involving the war. So interruptions and special circumstances have historically been part of what has been done with respect to baseball throughout the years. This time, however, the problems have been different.

Baseball isn’t as recession proof, however, as once was thought. Some of the issues about contracts and drug use remain, but the main problem facing the sport has been financial. This is what Bud Selig has to say, “I’ve lived through a lot of economic recessions in my day. I’ve never seen anything like this. And neither has anybody else. . And so while, in the past, I’ve felt baseball was recession proof, this is different.”

He is the old man, Commissioner of Baseball, that people have had a love hate relationship. He had once been a car dealer before acquiring a team of his own, the Seattle Pilots. He has been associated with the era of baseball corruption as well, in the minds of many. So what he has to say may or may not be the case, depending upon what side of the baseball mound you happen to sit.

If recent statistics from some of the teams is any indication, Selig might be right. The Orioles jerseys experience this season indicates a difficult year for baseball. This is what one baseball fan investor, John Moag, Chairman of Moag Co. has to say, “If you don’t have a strong performing team, you’re in a really vulnerable situation sports. “That hasn’t been the case in past recessions.” He said this just a month ago during a vulnerable time in the sports.

Other teams wholesale baseball jerseys have a different story, but have had to make adjustments as well and haven’t found things easy. The Houston Astros jerseys and the Dodgers jerseys have seen some pickup after reducing prices for games and treats, so it appears that considerable adjustment has to be made to fill those seats. Baseball has to work like everyone and everything else to stay afloat during the recession.

Turns out some people have found a new and creative way to use apple pie, which shows once again that we shouldn’t assume survival of an icon just because it is one. Some realtors and those selling their own homes are suggesting that homeowners have the scent of fresh baked apple pie in the house to make prospective buyers think of home sweet home. Perhaps that will end up boosting sales as apple pie becomes more than just a treat or dessert but an enticement for selling real estate as well.

Baseball and apple pie, those great American icons, can’t be assumed to fare well just because they are associated with America. Apparently they have to be versatile and offered creatively to survive the recession, just like other things do right now.