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Two American League teams, using the designated hitter, playing in a DH less National League ballpark in the first game of a transplanted three game series caused by four days of snow in Cleveland.

The Indians jerseys, wearing their home white uniforms but using the visitors’ dugout and clubhouse, made to feel further at home by the presence of the hilarious mascot Slider and also drummer/uber fan John Adams, whom the Indians jerseys flew in at their expense.

At 5 o’clock local time, the gates opened, and a surprisingly healthy number of curiosity seekers wandered in, intrigued by the presence of two major league teams, neither of them theirs, playing an AL game in their own back yard.

Asked which team he thought the fans would root for, Wedge said, “I don’t know. Hopefully, they’ll root for both teams.”

And so the Indians jerseys resumed the 2007 season Tuesday night, playing their home opener in Milwaukee’s Miller Park against the Los Angeles Angels jerseys of Anaheim.

“The whole situation is strange,” said Wedge. “But it’s definitely the right thing to do. Our guys knew when they woke up today they were going to play a baseball game tonight.”

That’s more than the Tribe players could say for the last four days, when an entire four game series with Seattle was snowed out. But after a frantic day of brainstorming by Major League Baseball and officials from the Indians jerseys, the Angels jerseys and the players’ association, the Indians jerseys and Angels jerseys wound up in Milwaukee on Tuesday night playing the first game of a three game series the Indians jerseys’ first game since last Thursday.

“It’s unusual, but it’s kind of fun,” said Angels jerseys manager Mike Scioscia. “For Cleveland’s sake, they needed to get some games in. They needed to play some baseball.”

Once it became apparent the Indians jerseys and Angels jerseys were not going to be able to play their three game series in Cleveland, and that the series would have to be played at a neutral site, a flurry of conversations ensued, considering a number of alternates.

Among those discussed were moving the three games to Anaheim, Calif., which would mean the Indians jerseys’ four game series in Anaheim scheduled for Sept. 6 9 would have been moved to Cleveland.

Minute Maid Park in Houston was also considered, as was Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Fla. Also considered was the Atlanta Braves jerseys’ spring training home on the Disney complex outside of Orlando.

“The hardest part for me,” said Seghi, “was trying to find enough hotel rooms in all the different cities, and seeing if we could get planes chartered. We were all set with rooms in Milwaukee and Houston, but there weren’t enough rooms at Disney or in St. Pete.”

The Indians jerseys got uncharacteristically bold Tuesday by playing a game with only one healthy catcher on their roster. That was Kelly Shoppach, who was in the starting lineup and batting ninth.

Starter was in Cleveland, resting his strained quadriceps muscle and welcoming a new addition to his family.

Martinez’s wife Margret gave birth to the couple’s second child Tuesday, a 6 pound, 5 ounce daughter named Maria Victoria.

With Martinez in Cleveland, but not on the disabled list, the Indians jerseys were gambling that Shoppach could make it through the game without an injury. An injury to Shoppach would have meant first baseman Ryan Garko, who hasn’t caught in a game in a couple years, would have had to get behind the plate as an emergency catcher.

“Victor is still day to day,” said Wedge. “He’s slowly starting to feel better. He may be ready to play by the weekend.”

That’s apparently why the Indians jerseys chose not to put Martinez on the disabled list cheap mlb majestic jerseys and activate Buffalo catcher Mike Rose, who accompanied the team Milwaukee but left prior to Tuesday’s game to return to Buffalo.