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Burnett was basically in his walk year, pitching for a free agent contract.”

Somehow you could sense a “but .” coming one as obvious as a New York yellow cab going the wrong way down a one way street, with the flashers on, the horn honking and all four doors open.

“But,” said the veteran scout who is not a disgruntled ex Jay employee “after seeing them play, I don’t see all this depth they talk about.”

What does he see?

“I see strong arms,” the scout said, “but we’re almost at the quarter pole and they have not shown an ability to hit with men on base and they don’t have a serious power threat like Joe Carter, Carlos Delgado or Frank Thomas.”

And then came the prediction that brought our conversation from my memory bank:

“Frankly,” he summed things up, “this is a team wholesale mlb jerseys that is one serious injury away from a disastrous season. If they lose Roy Halladay, Vernon Wells or Alex Rios for any length of time it won’t be pretty.”

Wells was injured making a diving catch in right centre to steal a hit in the sixth Friday night in Cleveland. He rolled over twice after the grab and slowly trudged off.

A day later after doctors examined the MRI results, it was determined Wells was lost six to eight weeks with a broken left wrist.

Someone told us he’d sent Wells a text message late Friday asking how his wrist was.

“Not good,” read the reply.

That was an early warning of the news. Like George Bell, Chris Carpenter or Halladay, Wells would compete with a broken bone creating a bulge in his sock . then try to convince a coach it was a pimple.

Some have been unhappy with Wells’ offence this season. Yet, he leads in batting average (.281), homers (five) and RBIs (24). So how bad had he been?

Of course, this scout could be as wrong as someone who picked the New York Yankees jerseys to beat the Boston Red Sox jerseys in the best of seven 2004 American League Series . even after the Yanks took a 3 0 lead. He could have bought Bre X, too.

It will take a while for us to know whether this guy is right and if the Jays jerseys can turn around their worse than anemic offence.

It’s not good when a team whether first or last sees its best offensive threat go down for roughly two months.

The Jays jerseys had hopes Wells would return to his previous full healthy season when he hit .303 with 32 homers and 106 RBIs in 2005. Now they’ll have to wait until 2008 to see what he can do in a full, healthy season.

Can Curtis Wilkerson, now playing right, as Alex Rios moves to centre, match Wells’ offensive numbers? Wilkerson was 1 for 7 in his first two games.

The thing we have seen with good pitch, no hit Jays jerseys teams in the past is just as the hitting comes around, the pitching fades. And then the sniping starts:

“Well, we did our job,” says the hitter after a 10 9 loss.

“Where were you those 3 2 losses?” counters the starter.

Jays jerseys pitchers, who compiled a 2.28 ERA over a 13 game stretch heading into Cleveland, saw only a 7 6 record for their efforts.

How many easy innings are starters logging? A starter pitching seven with the score 1 1 equates to working 10 innings or so with a 7 1 lead, a pitching coach told us.

Halladay has worked 63 innings almost 18 more than but with all the must outs and tough pitches he has made it probably feels like more than 100. He’s not the only starter who has felt in a deep hole after giving up a run.